James Galt & Co. Ltd. was founded in England over 180 years ago.


Galt produces and sells high quality toys that cover all stages of a child’s development from 0 to 10 years old.


Galt’I products should be fun and encourage playful learning. The company traditionally deals with handicrafts and activities. In recent years, Galt has made a name for itself in the early years with the innovative Playnest playground.


Galti products are of high quality and meet or exceed the safety rules for toys (mainly BS EN71 and HD271 / BS EN50088). All products have the CE mark and the lion mark BS5665. Strict quality control is applied in all phases of the development, production and sale of Galt toys.


Galt products include great craft kits, chemical and scientific experiments, books on water magic, and development toys for the little ones. All products are made so that parents want to discover them with their smaller ones and everyone can continue their activities. Enjoy the little things for the whole family!

Navir has been manufacturing optical toys for children for over 50 years and controls the entire production process in its factory – from product development to design to production – and this has been Navir’s main focus from the start.


Navir manufactures its products in Italy using safe materials and taking into account the technical parameters required for optical devices.


Children can take a closer look at insects, explore life in the sky, on land and at sea, and create periscope intelligence from every angle. Navir manufactures toys that are the dream of every adventurous child who wants to discover nature and life in it. We can only confirm from our experience – it is amazing what good looks are in toys!

BiOBUDD is committed to a better tomorrow and our mission is to produce products that are safe and do not harm our environment! The large toy blocks from Biobudd were developed in 2012 by Steven van Bommel and his team. The part of the cane sugar that remains in the production of food, clothing and medication is used to make the blocks. By the end of 2017, the entire connection had received a technical inspection certificate from TÜV Rheinland (Germany) and proved that these toys were a highly valued biological raw material.


Biobudd products are evolving, colorful and compatible with Lego Duplo blocks. They offer the child more opportunities to learn, explore and experiment with different activities. Playing with toy blocks helps children stimulate creativity, imagination and motor skills.

Snails has made nail polishes suitable for children, 100% safe, odorless and chemical-free.


The nail polishes manufactured by Snails are essentially divided in two – one can be washed off with soap and water and the other can be removed. Incredible, but nail polish can not only be beautiful, it can also be safe and harmless.


Snail nail polishes are odorless and chemical-free. These paints do not contain dibutyl phthalates, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resins, camphor or parabens. Snail nail polishes are made in France.


Snails’ products also include hair crayons, lip gloss, nail pens and nail tattoos for children.

Tinti produces fun, colorful bath products that have been specially developed for small children and meet higher quality standards.


And while Tinti is fun for children, parents should know that children’s sensitive skin products are harmless, contain no preservatives – they don’t color a child’s skin or bath.


Tinti only uses natural ingredients in its products and avoids synthetic preservatives or parabens / phthalates. Tinti use only natural colors or food colors in their products and attach great importance to environmental friendliness and biodegradability when selecting all product raw materials.